Reporting Data that Quantifies Results

Over the years, Comcate has had the opportunity to work with many Neighborhood Services and Preservation divisions of government agencies. These divisions are focused on improving the community by ensuring compliance with municipal codes.

With the help of Comcate’s Code Enforcement software, these divisions have seen a strong improvement in productivity including ability to resolve cases. Thanks to the Code Enforcement’s reporting capabilities, we were able to determine response time to complaint and inspections per officer among many other data points.

The ICMA released a case study which focuses on the metrics described above and highlights how technology can positively impact organizations*. Prior to implementing technology, the average response time to a citizen complaint was 180 days. After, it went down to six days. That is a 3000% reduction in response time, which means higher productivity levels and increased trust and appreciation from citizens. Real time updates on cases provides the citizens the ability to see progress on their requests, and understand that the local government is listening and responding to their concerns.

With a streamlined system allowing the elimination of paper reports, code enforcement officers were completing an average of 11.2 inspections per day versus the previous average of 8.5. This heightened level of productivity allowed one agency to have an additional 25,000 inspections completed by their inspectors over the course of a year, saving over $1,000,000 in costs.

These quantifiable improvements were the result of the agency’s work to develop clear goals and strategies to support their objectives. At Comcate, we are working with all of our clients to support their efforts in making their communities a better place to live, using technology as a primary tool for improvement. 

*The ICMA case study referenced is not a Comcate client.

 ICMA & CACEO 2016

The Comcate team had a fantastic time at both ICMA and CACEO this year. If you had a chance to stop by our booth and have any remaining questions about Comcate or how we help public agencies improve service to citizens, businesses, elected officials and staff, please let us know!

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