What a lovely month!

February was a month of love! We have loved the support and great feedback we received from our current customers. We love you too and we can’t wait to incorporate your comments into new features.

HB422: Getting Ready

There have been big changes for our partners in Kentucky and how they are required to address code enforcement moving forward. In addition to consolidating code enforcement provisions, House Bill 422 extends lien priority so long as the public is adequately notified. What does this mean for those outside of Kentucky? Our Public Notification Manager, designed to meet the requirements of Code Enforcement Departments in Kentucky, can be used in code enforcement offices countrywide to increase transparency and improve citizen engagement.

Reporting Upgrades

We are excited to share with you the latest upgrade we have made. Our new reporting system is getting closer to launch and it will be better and easier to use. Check out one of the new views you will receive during our upcoming launch.


What's up next for Comcate?

Our Roadmapping Process

Our software roadmap is a process we rely on day in and day out to ensure we’re continually meeting our customers needs (see HB422 above). We are focused on delivering reports and we are targeting to deliver this to our customers before the end of March. We have already begun working on a new UI/UX. How do we do it?

Step 1: Identify needs- we listen closely to customers as they use our products and determine what improvements can be made to ensure we’re delivering a top notch product.

Step 2: Define requirements- We go back to our product management and development team and get a technical plan together to make the desired improvements to the product. We can determine our timeline and be sure that all of the requested updates are able to be made effectively.

Step 3: Get user feedback- We want to make sure that what we heard was translated properly to our developers, and their plan translates back to what our customers need. We confirm that our plan fits with what our customers would like to see.

To see the rest of our road mapping process, check out our most recent blog post!

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