• Posted On: December 05, 2014

Frigid temperatures began hitting a major portion of the U.S. recently, which means dog and cat owners who insist on leaving their pets outdoors need to provide a safe environment for their pets. Denver, CO, which gets hit with snow on a consistent basis during the winter months, has animal control officers frequently checking on the condition of animals left to fend for themselves in backyards with no visible shelter available to them. In the absence of shelter, water bowls freeze over and bare paws and noses are frost bitten by the extreme cold.

Neighbors witness these situations, so the calls begin to flood in with the first accumulations of snow. While some animals are built to handle the snow, most household pets don’t have the thick coats that keep them safe from snow and freezing rain. For breeds of dogs with thin coats, hypothermia becomes a quick reality. When this happens in Denver, fines can reach nearly $1,000 and a year in jail.

For communities without such drastic fines or enough animal control officers to handle all the animal reports, the work can pile up fast. The Humane Society says pet ownership in America has grown to 47 percent of households having at least one dog. There are around 46 percent of households with at least one cat. Those numbers have risen dramatically over the last decade, leaving governmental bodies to reconsider how much of their budget goes to the animal control department.

If your community’s budget is stretched as thin as many around the nation, you’re probably not seeing much money funneled in to support animal control efforts. However, there are options that can give you a big savings later with a little investment now, and it all has to do with bringing in new technology.

When you arm your animal control department with software that focuses on delivering a better workflow on mobile devices that can be used in the field, you’re going to get fast results. With an easy-to-use interface that pulls up historical data on properties with prior animal abuse allegations or convictions, you’re giving your officers a better view of what they’re going to find out in the field. The same technology allows them to quickly establish a new case or close an old one. They can use GIS integration to locate problem areas and attach photographs to reports that can be sent from the field back to the office.

Comcate develops software exactly like this to keep your workers on top of the animal control reports coming in from the community, even when snow piles up or temperatures suddenly hit sub-zero. Contact us today about our solutions, which include solutions for just about every department at city hall or the county courthouse.

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