• Posted On: September 08, 2020

On-premise or cloud-based solution? This is a question facing many public agencies when looking to upgrade technology. Utilizing cloud-based technology reduces maintenance costs and allows for automated updates. But what about security, redundancy, and other infrastructure needs? Is going cloud-based really a safe option?

Comcate has invested in having our software hosted on Amazon’s GovCloud which is also used by other government agencies including The US Department of Treasury, The US Department of Homeland Security, The Department of Justice, and more. The AWS GovCloud (US):

  • Meets compliance mandates
  • Safeguards sensitive data
  • Strengthens identity management
  • Improves cloud visibility
  • Protects accounts and workloads

Besides cloud-based technology being more secure, there are also other advantages of moving to this technology:

  • Allows access from anywhere which is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Offers increased reliability along with security
  • Provides real-time updates

Learn more about how Comcate’s cloud-based software can help streamline your agency’s operations and reporting while keeping it more secure and accessible.

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