Welcome New Comcate Clients!

At Comcate, we’re always excited to celebrate the expansion of our customer base. In doing so, we’re making this “Welcome” section a new feature in our newsletter. Will you join us in celebrating the addition of the following clients?

Eddy County, NM – Eddy County, NM purchased Comcate’s Code Enforcement module with GIS support to increase the efficiency of their Code Enforcement team and to benefit from Comcate’s enhanced reporting capabilities.

Huntersville, NC – Huntersville, NC purchased Comcate’s Code Enforcement solution to support resolution of nuisance issues in the community, specifically weeds, rubbish and abandoned vehicles.

Warner Robins, GA – Warner Robins, GA purchased Comcate’s Permitting and Inspection Manager module to support their municipal permit staff.  With Comcate, they will make sure no permit issues are left unattended and increase the timeliness and efficiency of their permitting efforts and better support permitting applicants.

Alameda  – Alameda, CA, an existing Comcate client, upgraded their Comcate relationship to take advantage of Comcate’s GIS module and provide better information to staff to support case management.

If you’re encountering challenges that make it more difficult to efficiently serve your community, it may be time to investigate Comcate solutions.Contact us today for more information.

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