Comcate is Now Partnering With Four More Communities


At Comcate, we work with hundreds of public agencies across the country, using technology to make your work more streamlined and efficient. With our systems and programs, you can get your residents involved, keep them updated on projects and save both time and money.


If you are considering using our services, or even if you are already partnering with Comcate, you might be interested to know how these various programs work on the street. We wanted to highlight a few new clients that are improving their agencies with Comcate:


Santa Clara Valley Water District: Santa Clara Valley works with Comcate in order to manage community water waste. With Comcate’s Water Waste Enforcement tool, the Santa Clara Valley Water District is able to keep tabs on water waste in the District by using citizen engagement tools like eFeedback Manager and Citizen Mobile App.


These tools allow citizens in the areas served by Santa Clara Valley Water District to report water waste violations right from the comfort of their home or car. The Citizen Mobile App allows residents to enter a suspected violation, upload pictures and receive updates on all of their mobile devices. The District also recently added Comcate’s Drought Management module so that their water inspectors are able to update and manage cases, as well as reporting any activity to management and water utility partners.


Coconino County, Arizona: In Coconino County, legacy systems are being replaced by Comcate’s Animal Control Manager, GIS, Fee Tracker and Animal Licensing in order to manage both animal control and animal licensing in their community. With Comcate’s GIS location services and Comcate’s Fee Tracker, this community is updating their systems to become more efficient.


Petaluma, California: Comcate is assisting a longtime client, Petaluma, California, with their efforts to improve communication between agencies and the residents in the community. In order to encourage feedback and municipal requests from citizens, Petaluma incorporated the Citizen Mobile App and the eFeedback Manager.


City of Cleveland, Tennessee: In an effort to improve code enforcement, the City of Cleveland is using Comcate’s Code Enforcement Manager and GIS. The Code Enforcement Manager solution is being combined with Comcate’s GIS services to allow agency staff to track and manage cases and provide updates on activity to the City.


These communities are making strides in both efficiency and citizen involvement through a partnership with Comcate. If you would like more information about how we can come alongside your agency to improve everything from feedback to tracking and updates, give Comcate a call today.

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