Your department may be always looking to improve processes and streamline bottlenecks, or you may be a municipality trying to find budget-friendly solutions in an era of limited funds. You may be in a community that values its citizens’ engagement, but you need better tools to do it.
No matter what your goals are, there are other cities out there trying to achieve the same balance of financial responsibility with improved processes. Take a look to see how Comcate is providing solutions for municipalities like yours.
City of Bluefield, West Virginia
The City of Bluefield has its roots in the coal and railroad industries, but its local government is focused on looking forward to keep the city vibrant. Bluefield is adding several Comcate modules to expand on its current Code Enforcement Manager system. With the Animal Control, Rental Registration, Building Inspection and Management, and GIS services, the City of Bluefield is making its processes more effective and improving field capabilities for inspectors.
City of Greenfield, California
The City of Greenfield, located in the Monterey Wine Country of California, is using Comcate’s Code Enforcement Manager with GIS Enterprise. This mobile solution gives Greenfield’s staff the ability to manage cases while out in the field, allowing them more time on cases and less time spent on paperwork.
City of Hampton, Georgia
One of the “50 Safest Cities” in Georgia, the City of Hampton makes safety a priority. The City of Hampton recently partnered with Comcate to modernize their code enforcement processes with the Code Enforcement Manager. With this tool, the City of Hampton will be equipped to follow up on cases and report on case activity.
Town of Bennett, Colorado
Residents and visitors of Bennett, Colorado enjoy all the quiet beauty of being in the country while having all the benefits of Denver, a short 25 miles away. Recently, Bennett implemented several Comcate solutions, including Code Enforcement tools, as well as Animal Control, Fee Tracker and Licensing. These new tools will allow code enforcement staff in Bennett to remain in the field working on cases, rather than spending hours in the office, buried in paperwork.
Just like these cities, your municipal department can benefit from the tools that we offer at Comcate. Our solutions provide all the modern technology to eliminate inefficiencies from your department and allow your field inspectors to stay in the field. We also offer tools that promote citizen engagement and allow you to streamline your budget. Call Comcate to see how we can equip your city for the demands of today.

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