Communities Implement Comcate Solutions
Greece, New York: Located near the southern shore of Lake Ontario, Greece, NY recently implemented several Comcate tools as a way to improve their community. Greece is now using the eFeedback Manager CRM solution, in combination with Comcate’s Citizen Mobile Application. These tools will allow Greece to track and report progress on their ability to respond to citizen inquiries, as well as staff performance.
In addition, Greece will be using the GIS Enterprise solution, which provides the newest technology for tracking locations and data management.
Berwyn Heights, Maryland: The town of Berwyn Heights, MD, is less than ten miles from Washington, D.C. and has a population under 3,000. It has small-town flavor but with access to all the benefits of a big city. Recently, Berwyn Heights decided to utilize Comcate’s Code Enforcement Manager, Rental Inspection Manager and Fee Tracker solutions. These components will help the mayor and city council delivery on their goals of improved tracking and execution of the City’s property maintenance and rental licensing programs.
Mt. Shasta, California: Mt. Shasta, CA’s municipal agencies are committed to cost-effective services. In an effort to enhance the management of citizen service requests, Mt. Shasta recently implemented Comcate’s eFeedback Manager Limited and GIS Lite modules.
Eddy County, New Mexico: With a population of over 53,000 and as home to Carlsbad Caverns, the agencies of Eddy County, NM must balance the needs of its residents with its popularity as a tourist destination. To keep the community safe, Eddy County has installed the Code Enforcement Manager and GIS Lite solutions as a way to manage code enforcement and permit programs.
Give Comcate a call to see how our solutions can boost efficiency and cut costs for your local agencies. Our products specialize in not only improving processes but also making your community a nicer place to live and visit!



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