Bottom line:
In 54 seconds, you can see how mobile supports staff and citizen engagement to connect with the Agency – in this example, for seasonal weed reporting.

Cities have specific codes to address grass, weeds, and other outdoor/yard maintenance. In a recent survey of Comcate clients, the majority:

  • restricted weeds and grasses over 6” in standard situations
  • had strict restrictions on manure, refuse, and animal/vegetable waste


Beyond the aesthetic impact of poorly maintained properties, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is unequivocal on the increased fire risk, classifying weeds and long dry grass as “readily ignitable materials” that must be properly maintained – during fire season and throughout the year.

With an integrated web- and app-enabled code enforcement system, empowering citizens to report overgrown weeds is as simple as dropping a pin on a map:

From there, managing potential violations becomes a fully automated process, with all case details “in the cloud” and available anywhere. The eliminates manual reentry of issues, automates notifications and follow up, and saves countless person-hours of work.

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