Municipalities experience challenges over time. These can be related to increased demand for services, environmental, economic and demographic factors. These factors will create the need for public agencies to launch new initiatives in response. While budget restraints may have eased, it may remain difficult to fund the infrastructure to support new initiatives. Comcate can provide solutions to support your new initiatives cost effectively.

No matter what your unique challenges are in your municipal government, Comcate has defined four-steps to help successfully address the issue. The result will be getting the processes you want, ensure citizen satisfaction, retention of quality employees and staying within your budget.

  1. Set goals. Begin by identifying the ideal situation for your municipality or department. Whether you are drowning in paperwork, losing resources with inefficient routing or backlogged with requests, you know where improvement would count most.
  2. Agree on the process. Talk through your processes and discuss what it would look like if your department was running optimally. Include critical staff members so that you have buy-in on the improvement process.
  3. Put the proper infrastructure in place. With the right technology, your department can put your optimized processes into action. Cloud software development means that your investment in infrastructure is a fraction of what it was a decade ago for similar solutions.
  4. Report, assess and refine. Before implementation, create agreed-upon metrics for success. Define a measurement period and then use those metrics to determine whether you are on-target to realize your goals. Make adjustments as necessary.

Any municipality can follow these steps to solve the problems they are facing. Officials in Modesto, California recently implemented Comcate’s Graffiti Abatement solution as a way to engage citizens in the fight against graffiti. The program allows residents to report graffiti with an easy-to-use online form in addition to reporting instances of graffiti by telephone.

Another example of this process has been demonstrated in North Las Vegas, Nevada. This local government uses Comcate’s solutions to coordinate Emergency Management functions to keep its citizens safe.

The software offered by Comcate is cost effective. Cloud technology makes it possible for cities to implement a software solution with little to no cost related to hardware or IT support. Implementation and security are seamlessly handled by Comcate, and user-friendly interfaces require little training.

Comcate offers cost effective solutions that provide the latest in collaborative tools and mobile technology. Citizens can engage with municipal departments via a mobile app or online and field inspectors perform at the height of efficiency with GIS-equipped mapping and routing capabilities. The eFeedback Manager provides automatic updates and reminders for the best possible communication between all involved parties, from residents to field officers and administrative personnel.

Comcate works with municipalities across the nation to provide cost effective solutions for a variety of challenges. Give us a call to talk about your situation. We work with cities of all sizes and we have a solution that will be ideal for you.

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