• Posted On: September 27, 2016

How Big Data and the Right Tools Help Workflow

Today, many municipalities across the nation are embracing big data to help them measure progress. By gaining an understanding of raw data, you can add efficiencies to your workflow and value to your community.

To fully utilize big data, you have to use the right tools, especially reporting tools, that can provide a clearer understanding of the massive amount of information at your fingertips. When you’re connected to the right tools, it’s time to formulate a plan that will result in the action that will equate to value for your community.

First, you need to make sure you’re collecting data that will actually be of benefit. To know what data is important, you need to focus on collecting data that helps you measure the performance of the cases your team is handling. Secondly, you need to find out if the data you want can be gathered in common forms and if you can manipulate it in such a way that it will help you gain insights.

The goal is to gain insights while keeping everyone else in your system on target with their daily tasks and goals. With this in mind, the system you’re using to extrapolate information from the data should allow you to take large chunks of data and export it to the appropriate programs without hindering others.

Can your department heads access all the reports they need to better manage their department? This is sometimes the biggest holdup to progress – communication. The best data analysis tools will automatically send reports to the appropriate people, and in a customizable fashion so they see only the data that matters to them. When you have your processes ironed out, every decision maker in your operation will have all the recommendations in front of them and act accordingly.

Every agency relying on big data needs to have a clear path from data to action. Using the right tools and following the right steps will result in increased productivity, more fiscal responsibility, and in the best scenarios – more positive residential interaction to assist in creating better communities. It all starts with understanding that there are multiple steps in the process of gathering raw data to making it a useful piece of your strategy for improvement.

At Comcate we understand every step in the process. We’ve developed solutions that put the power of big data into the hands of everyone from city administrators to local business owners to residents. We know how to avoid collecting data you don’t need – data that just clutters your processes. We also know how to put you in touch with data that will promote positive change and growth. We’re powering communities through technology, so contact us today and let’s talk about the needs of your community.

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