• Posted On: July 14, 2015

How GIS Solutions Can Help You do What You do Smarter and Faster

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are software tools that use geographic data to help improve the way companies deliver customer services. For community governments GIS solutions can leverage the data you regularly collect to help you perform better. GIS-informed decisions are smarter, happen faster and are more easily presented to the public. In a day when communities are asking government to operate with less waste and bloat, being able to fulfill your mandate smoothly and on budget is an enormous advantage.

How Services are Tied to Geographic Locations

Just how much of government function can be impacted by GIS solutions? One community found that 80 percent of their provided services were tied to geographic locations. GIS solutions alone can help individual departments work more efficiently as they plot daily workflow according to your prescribed criteria. Do you care about getting department employees to locations according to the most time and fuel-efficient route? Or do you want to schedule workflows according to other priorities? A GIS based platform can help you to achieve these goals with the press of a button.

Reduce Wasted Time

When the GIS solutions are integrated with other enterprise solutions the benefits expand. Integrated solutions allow several departments to access the geographically connected database. This eliminates redundant entries and saves everyone time wasted chasing down and recording information that’s already been gathered through another department.

Make Better Decisions

The tools also lead to better decision-making since all pertinent information is readily available. For instance, you’ll be able to recognize trends on geographic issues such as traffic flow, crime and public safety, housing and population and public works. Do you need hard data to inform you where you should prioritize financial expenditures and staffing? These solutions will provide what you need. The visuals provided with the software help you make your case for meetings, reports and vital public forums.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

At the end of the day, you want to improve customer satisfaction and GIS solutions can help you do that. It’s valuable that your decision-making occurs in a more timely fashion and that workflows are planned according to pre-set criteria, but where the rubber hits the road is when your community becomes a happier, healthier and safer place to live. Your responsiveness to community member issues and concerns will get noticed and result in a more positive government-citizen relationship.

At Comcate we offer GIS solutions that stand alone or that integrate with enterprise tools. Our software was designed by people with experience in government. Check us out online and read the testimonials of community leaders from coast to coast who’ve found that using the right tool really does make government work smarter and more efficiently.

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