• Posted On: October 06, 2015

Improve Animal Control in Your Community

Even with strict guidelines and the formal processes that are involved with many governmental agencies, the way each individual employee goes about their tasks can have inconsistencies that affects an entire department. In many cases, the lack of technology can prevent a more uniform set of procedures. You may see this in your animal control department. Do you find your department getting mired down in paperwork and unable to effectively communicate with fellow employees about their cases?

You may find your department relying on a bank of file cabinets that serves as an analog database where information is tucked away and unavailable when it is really needed. When the data is accessed, it has to be re-entered into a current file, which takes time and involves potential for human error.

Take for instance a case involving an animal control call where an officer is responding to a barking complaint at a specific address. In some cases, the situation involves a dangerous animal that has many prior offenses over the years, but the officer doesn’t know about it because they have no way of accessing any information on the address of the home in question. This can lead to a dangerous situation, not only for the animal control officer who steps blindly into a call, but also to the citizens interacting with the animal.

When considering inconsistencies, you must also take into account the fact that there are redundancies occurring that cost the taxpayers money and reduce the effectiveness of the entire animal control department. This is largely associated with how reports are made and the fact that the information may not be aggregated properly.

When a modern, digital database is implemented and the right programs are connected to the database, everyone benefits. For instance, having the ability to query an address will pull up all animal control cases related to the address. This can include the owner’s name, the type of dog they have, whether or not they’ve had previous encounters with the owner and/or animal, and it prompts the officers to act accordingly. Furthermore, it gives them the information they need to take action that will potentially prevent further issues.

Code enforcement gets an all-around improved rate of consistency and accuracy when digital connectivity is implemented. Instead of digging out files and skimming through stacks of paper to find the information needed, animal control officers can pull up the information they need through a mobile device, regardless of where they are, and add to previous reports.

Comcate is the right vendor for a number of municipalities and government agencies that have long struggled with consistency, inaccuracies and expensive redundancies that reduce the effectiveness of their work. We offer mobile solutions that put the power of technology in the hands of those who need it to more effectively do their jobs. Contact us today and we’ll go over solutions that will work for you.

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