• Posted On: February 13, 2015

Many governmental processes can be lengthy and time consuming. In, Los Angeles, property zoning regulations went from an 84-page document prior to World War II to a 600-plus page document as the population exploded. Instead of arguing about how many regulations are present, proactive city and county governments are looking for more efficient ways to manage their workflows.

Property zoning Allowable Uses spells out what can be built and where in Los Angeles. However, builders also have to look through the General Provisions document to see if any exceptions have been made. To be sure no stone has been left unturned, they also have to look at the Conditional Use section of the property zoning manual. Unfortunately, 60 percent or more of Los Angeles’s land is subject to these property zoning regulations and amendments are constantly being added.

Keeping track of everything is difficult and there are zoning inconsistencies throughout the city. In some cases, new rules established at City Hall are simply ignored by developers, and enforcing these issues is time consuming.

When zoning documents become this cumbersome, a solution needs to be brought in to help navigate through the regulations. For code enforcement officers and other employees directly impacted by what is written in the zoning documents, managing the workflow is a time consuming task, leaving their departments constantly backed up.

Los Angeles might be an extreme case, but many communities throughout the U.S. are matched up with workflow processes that hinder their ability to get through property zoning issues.

Regardless of how small a community might be, property zoning regulations can be difficult to navigate. For this reason, software has been developed to assist workers in keeping track of how they need to manage workflows. Most importantly, vendors are looking to improve the way the mobile workforce go about their daily tasks.

Many employees are using old ways of performing their duties while in the field. Some of the “technology” only extends as far as the clipboard, pencil and paper. What these workers really need is to use mobile technology to pull up information, regulations and case histories about properties. For instance, officers in charge of permitting and inspections have to ensure that properties being built and remodeled are up to code, are safe and effectively being built. When they have a complete checklist of items they can go through on their electronic, mobile device, they can more easily get through the day’s tasks.

Comcate has built software that works with many departments in City Hall or the County Courthouse. Our solutions give property zoning managers the ability to not only get through more cases in a day, but to more effectively manage zoning issues across the board. Contact us today to find out more about how our solutions are built to assist you.

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