• Posted On: February 13, 2020

Graffiti is an unsightly problem faced by cities large and small. Graffiti is a drain on both city resources and property values. Comcate’s Graffiti Abatement solution allows cities to track taggers quickly and efficiently. To learn more about how Comcate’s Graffiti Abatement solution has changed the way our clients respond to graffiti violations, read on!

Quickly Identify the Location and Track Graffiti Violations

Comcate’s software allows cities to quickly identify and address the location of graffiti. By using modern GIS technology the location of the violation is tracked and reported.  Creating a graffiti case takes less than 2 minutes allowing officers to spend time managing and reporting on activities. Comcate’s solution is so effective that one California client has handled over 2,800 graffiti cases over the past 18 months, closing 96% of them on the same day.

Identify Individual Tags and Create Reports to Identify Trends

Using entities, users can track the individual monikers used by people creating graffiti tags. These tags can be a language unto themselves. They can identify the person doing the graffiti, gang affiliation, or designate areas where drugs are sold. Comcate’s Graffiti Abatement solution can be configured to let agencies track these characteristics. By monitoring these tags, cities can create a big picture look at the graffiti violations they face.

Mobile Field Access for Staff

Another way Comcate’s Graffiti Abatement solution is helping cities is by giving code enforcement officers the ability to have mobile access to their cases. Comcate’s easy-to-use Graffiti Abatement solution gives officers working in the field the ability to quickly log in and document graffiti properties. The case management tool lets them document GIS-verified location, photographs, and notes. By giving officers mobile access, they can better manage their cases and close more cases in less time.

Comcate’s graffiti abatement software is a powerful tool that allows cities to become more responsive. To learn how this software can help your agency, contact us today.

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