• Posted On: August 12, 2020

Public agencies have limited resources and allocating resources effectively is a fundamental strategic objective. Since frequent violators take more agency resources, it is important to be able to efficiently work through this issue.  Comcate provides tools to manage frequent violators through software for a variety of public agency programs including code enforcement, animal control, citizen engagement, and more.

There are ways to better manage frequent violators by having software in the field. Some examples of software use include:

  • Having the ability to create notices on tablets/laptops for violators on-site.
  • Reducing the amount of data to be reinput since contact information is available.
  • Accessing a contact database with easy search tools to quickly find and report on multiple case history for any individual.
  • Documenting repeat violators to show a pattern of not abating the violations. This includes such things as failure to obtain a building permit, general code enforcement violations, recurring issue of abandoned vehicles, and more.
  • Allowing citizens to be a part of notifying the department through citizen engagement to help staff be made aware of repeat violators.

The modern architecture built by Comcate is a responsive design. This means that the application will detect which device you are on, and the appearance of the website adjusts for viewing depending on the screen size and orientation of the device. 

This is important as everyone works off different devices, and IT is not at all users’ locations, especially as more of the workforce is remote due to COVID-19.  You can be assured of a great user experience no matter what device you are on.

If you would like to learn more about how Comcate can help you handle your violators more efficiently, especially in this time of remote work, contact us today.

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