• Posted On: June 26, 2020

In today’s busy society, it is important to make sure you effectively document your case information and activities as this helps both you and the affected party understand more about the case and provides details if you need to escalate and move to a forced abatement activity.  

Effective case documentation should include the following:

  • Providing photographs as a visual record for the department, the notified party, and court or commission if the case has to be escalated.
  • Scheduling follow-up inspections and logging the results.
  • Keeping a digital copy of the notice generated to the appropriate party for reference.
  • Consistently logging updates to a case.
  • Tracking the number of attempts you have interacted with the party to show code enforcement officers have been proactive in trying to get the issue resolved.

Effective case documentation provides historical context to help both you and court understand if someone has been a repeat offender with multiple warnings. 

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