• Posted On: February 10, 2020

Comcate’s Code Enforcement Manager’s reporting tools are helping to redefine the reporting process. Code Enforcement Manager can generate accurate reports, with the most up-to-date information, in seconds. We’ve put together a list of our client’s three favorite and most used reports. Read on to learn more!

Cases Opened Report             

The Case Opened Report is a powerful tool for managers and supervisors. It quickly provides the number of cases opened in their department during the selected time frame. Agency managers can learn when cases are opened most or least, on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis. This information can be used to plan staffing over both short and long term horizons. City Managers use this report in their presentations to City Council to provide data on staff workloads and resources needed to adequately staff their departments.

Cases Closed Report

Code Enforcement Manager’s Case Closed Report is another report that is highly valued by our clients. The Cases Closed Report lets managers ensure that all cases are being closed in a timely manner, both on an officer level and on a department level. The report is helpful in identifying the training needs of individual Code Enforcement Officers or the need for more staff overall. This report is instrumental to City Managers needing to demonstrate to their City Councils their effectiveness in working code enforcement cases. 

Violations Summary Report

The Violations Summary Report is a popular reporting tool used by our clients. The report breaks down opened and closed cases by their specific violations. The Violation Summary Report gives managers and City Managers an at-a-glance understanding of which code violations occur most frequently in their communities and lets them make staffing decisions based on this. It is also an excellent report to present to City Council to demonstrate the violations their community faces. 

Fast, accurate reports allow City Managers to truly understand how their agency performs on code enforcement. No matter if it’s to determine future staffing needs or presenting reports to the City Council, Code Enforcement Manager’s reporting tools are time-saving. Ready to learn more about how Comcate’s Code Enforcement Manager solution can help your agency? Click here to schedule a demo with us today.

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