• Posted On: August 19, 2014

The community of Daytona Beach, FL offers a good example of the opportunities involved in a crush of rental inspection tasks. The city’s beachside community has varying reviews on how the inspectors are carrying out the massive task of going through more than a thousand rental units.

One resident/property owner said while the community was happy that a rental inspection law was passed in 2013, nothing has changed for the better. Another neighborhood activist said only modest progress was being made.

Daytona Beach is filled with aging homes that deserve a second look if the safety of the residents and renters is to remain in good standing. Of lesser importance but still vital to the community is the look of these homes; some are in need of a fresh coat of paint and there are many yards that have become overgrown. The beachside community relies on its looks to keep vacationers infusing the economy with their seasonal spending.

A councilman noted in a local newspaper article that if the commercial area were to see any financial improvement, the residential area needs to also shape up. The councilman also noted that more focus on tax deeds and code enforcement could be the answer.

The rental inspection process is important to the community because approximately 60 percent of the residential structures are rentals. The problem is that these rental properties often go unattended by their out-of-town owners, thus making it difficult for the city to attract full time residents. Some of the businesses can’t thrive on seasonal business alone, which is why there is a push to grow the population.

If the above scenario is anything like what is going on in your community, you should consider bringing in rental inspection software that can help you make sense of the process. You don’t have to be a beach community that has 60 percent of your residential area tied up as rental property – you might be a landlocked community with little to no tourism, or you could be a college town where rentals are abundant. Regardless, the right rental inspection software can assist you in making your code inspectors more efficient and disseminate the information gathered from cases across departments automatically.

Your full-time residents want to know what’s going on. They want to see progress. However, when your inspectors are using manual processes to push through cases, adding another step in an already inefficient process rarely occurs, which means notifying residents of progress is missed.

What communities need is for their local government to partner with a vendor that supplies software to boost automated processes that include residents in the solution. For instance, if a resident sees a yard that appears abandoned and weeds are springing up, they should be able to file a report from their smartphone or computer, and be updated on the progress of their report.

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