• Posted On: June 18, 2020

The role of code enforcement officers has significantly expanded in recent years.  The housing boom has brought a time of foreclosed and vacant properties.  Because of this, code enforcement officers have had to spend a great deal of time addressing property maintenance and housing code violations at these properties.  How well the CE officers perform their jobs has a major impact on the property values.

As code enforcement works to keep properties from becoming eyesores in the community, healthy living and working conditions are kept in mind when municipalities adopt ordinances, rules, and regulations. So what do you do when these are not followed?

Keeping track of what violations are occurring and ensuring they are taken care of is important. Comcate’s Code Manager is recognized for its user-friendly functionality including:

  • Create cases and issue notices while uploading multiple photos all from the field on mobile devices
  • Assign cases and track by officer/staff member
  • Trigger forms and notices from the field and print in the office for accelerated notices to be sent to violators
  • Create custom and standard report capabilities

So whether your community is facing tall grass and weeds, vacant buildings, or another code violation, Comcate’s Code Manager is here to help.  Learn more on how the software has significantly increased efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity. 

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