• Posted On: October 04, 2016

Utilizing Code Enforcement Solutions to Overcome Workload Shortages

The efficient workflow in your day-to-day agency operations hinge on a variety of aspects, with code enforcement being a key one. As you look to improve workflow in the future, you need to take into consideration that many code enforcement professionals are on the verge of retirement. This will necessitate a new way of looking at the workflow for new code enforcement personnel. As the workforce decreases, they will need to carry out an increasing number of the tasks needed to make sure your code enforcement is running smoothly.

The International Code Council (ICC) reports that most code professionals are between the age of 45 and 64, with the majority being 55 to 64. The ICC estimates that 51 percent of current code professionals will retire within the next five years, while another 31 percent will be retiring in five to 15 years. This is not unique, as many industries are struggling with the same statistics.
Some government administrators are eyeing collaborative operations with third parties as a cost-effective way of carrying out code enforcement operations. There is also a consideration being given to public/private partnerships at the county and municipal levels where shared and supplemental services are part of the deal. In some cases, nothing can be left off the table as local governments plot their course for the future.

Unfortunately, many of these collaborations have the potential to hurt efficiency, especially where communication and reporting is concerned. Even with code enforcement departments that are sufficiently staffed, many are using outdated technology that actually stifles their workflow rather than enhance it. By bringing in new technology, local governments can cut some of the red tape out of their process and start moving their communities forward.

At Comcate, we pair Silicon Valley and government workflow expertise together in an exciting platform that is mobile. Since code enforcement officers are most effective while they’re in the field, that’s where they should spend the bulk of their day, and not at their desks filing long, labor-intensive reports that are often duplicated elsewhere. Comcate has developed the technology that makes reporting easy and accountability mandatory.

With Comcate’s solutions, your local government can easily improve staff efficiency, increase citizen engagement and mobilize the current workforce like they’ve never been mobilized before. For instance, Citizen & Staff Mobile Apps gives everyone the power to report issues and geo-locate them in their report. Furthermore, the app allows citizens and staff to upload photographs of code enforcement issues, whether it’s weed abatement, abandoned vehicles, or a massive pothole in the road.

With our Comcate app, your citizens get 24/7, real time updates on the cases they submit, as does every relevant staff member. Comcate’s solutions for code enforcement include automated case routing to departments and to staff members, which means a staff member can be in the field finishing up one case and be assigned another without having to come back to the office for the paperwork. In fact, they can print out report, tickets and other documents remotely.

Contact Comcate today and let’s talk about how we can improve your workflow and your community.

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