• Posted On: September 19, 2014

It doesn’t always require a crushing recession for a community to be forced into making cuts in public services. Most governmental entities faced cutting public services as the recession took hold, but some continue to feel the pain for a variety of reasons not directly related to the recession. Instead of looking at cutting staff and/or services, more focus should be placed on how these departments deal with their workflow processes.

The city of San Bernardino recently went over their budget and had to face some really harsh realities. In order for the city to stay in the black, they’d have to close four of five of the city’s swimming pools and two community centers. They also discussed laying off at least 10 park maintenance employees.

Council members said every city needs the quality-of-life attractions, such as parks, pools and community centers, which help promote the city to interested businesses and residents. Instead of funneling money into the budget for these amenities, the bulk of the funding is projected to go to the police force and fire department, which has some council members displeased.

Relying on Software
How much of your city budget is going to waste due to improper filing or work order management issues? If you don’t have a work order manager, you’re spending money and getting very little for it. Public works software can help you manage your workers and add more accountability to any department. The right software can help you manage more work orders in less time, increase productivity of all department employees and deliver reports that show time to resolution. Furthermore, public works software can provide automated services that generate email delivery.

Most governmental bodies still rely on manual processes that offer little insight into what employees are doing, slow down the reporting process and eventually put the city council members into a situation like those in San Bernardino have found themselves in.

What if you had public works software that allowed you to track facilities work orders? What if that software also gave you more control over staff and their ability to manage work orders? You would have a solution in place for documenting and filing work orders more efficiently, assign ownerships more easily and quickly find activity history with a simple search. This is what more communities need. Instead of cutting vital services, you can start cutting the inefficiencies.

The Comcate Solution
At Comcate, we realize many communities are operating on a shoestring budget. We also know that many communities are still using manual work order processes that take up time and money. By implementing our work order manager our clients have achieved the kind of efficiencies that save them thousands of dollars per year, which means whatever they’ve invested in our solution is paid for quite quickly. Contact us today and we’ll discuss how our approach will benefit your city.

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