• Posted On: September 15, 2020

Strengthening the citizen engagement in your community includes receiving more feedback and increasing dialogue with your citizens to help get more commitment from your community. This can increase the likelihood that projects or solutions will be more widely accepted. There are additional benefits to creating a strong citizen engagement process:

  • Allows you to see differing values and priorities from the citizens
  • More Secure encryption
  • Easier to learn and use due to a new modern interface
  • Faster load times
  • Responsive on all screen sizes icluding being opimized for mobile

So how can you strengthen your government-community relationship?

  • Actively engage with the community through a variety of mediums to allow the public to feel like they have had a voice in public process
  • Promote your success stories to the public to allow them to see the good work that is happening within the community
  • Conduct a survey with citizens to better understand how they would like to be engaged

If you have seen Comcate’s Citizen Engagement solution in the past, you will love the new modern version. We have added a citizen portal widget that can be placed on an agency’s website that citizens can interact with directly to submit questions, complaints, or suggestions. This is much more user-friendly than requesting a citizen click to use a separate website linked on the agency website to submit inquiries.

Are you interested in seeing what could help improve your citizen engagement? Comcate offers a new and improved Citizen Engagement solution that just launched this month. Stop by our virtual booth at ICMA this week to learn more or request a consultation to discuss what you are looking for and how our solution may help.

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