Cities, counties and water districts (and their citizens) across the Western U.S. are all facing unprecedented drought conditions. According to the California Department of Water Resources, California reservoirs were at 51% of storage capacity in the 4th quarter of 2014. Comcate’s newest application, Drought Management, can help utilities and municipalities serve their communities better by engaging with citizens about drought issues, using their input to identify water waste violations and managing cases among their staff.


    • Engage with local citizens via a mobile app or website that offers FAQs about drought information and conditions and allows citizens to report water waste locations in real time, including photos.


    • Manage citizen engagement with automated responses to citizens about the disposition of their question or case.


    • Route reported water waste cases to internal department staff for follow-up and resolution.


    • Integrate with GIS functionality to enable property and owner information in real time, and allow for mapping of cases to maximize staff efficiency.


    • Allows staff to input case notes, take and upload photos, and reroute cases via a mobile device in the field to allow for maximum staff efficiency.


    • Robust reporting enables municipal management and partners (local utilities or municipal governments) to see real-time data on caseload, resolution times, hot topics, and dozens of other key metrics.



“Comcate Citizen Mobile Access invites citizens to contribute their first-hand experiences and feedback with up-to-the-minute information. Through Comcate, your agency and community are better-informed and more responsive to the needs and concerns of your citizens.”

-Steve Garrison, Chief Information Officer, City of Fairfield

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