Keeping up with rental properties can be a cumbersome task, especially in communities where a large percentage of residents choose renting over home ownership. Residents have an expectation that the homes, apartments, lofts and duplexes they rent are safe and up to legal standards. However, without timely inspections of these rental properties, there can be no guarantee of citizen safety and landlord compliance.

Plumbing, ventilation, smoke detectors, water heaters, wiring and electrical work, and the structural integrity of a property must all be checked out to ensure the safety of residents. For agencies that aren’t using the right technology, these inspections represent a significant time investment and often an ineffective and inefficient process.

Comcate built its Rental Registration solution to deliver results by easing this process through the use of mobile technology. The solution involves software designed specifically for rental housing inspections, giving your inspectors the ability to group cases by property and reports on rental and temporary use registrations. Because the solution is fully mobile, inspectors can use a tablet computer in the field to pull up property ownership information, payments and vacancies.


    • Intuitive interface makes Rental Registration easy to use and increases staff efficiency
    • Easily run registration and renewal reports, easily accessible to both staff and management
    • Conduct every inspection on a mobile device with access to customizable electronic inspection checklists
    • With one click of a button, print customized forms and notices from the field
    • Gain instant access to case histories and any information stored about a property – from the field
    • Schedule follow-up appointments and receive reminders with a click of a button
    • Manage cases more efficiently by grouping them by property, and make bulk changes by property
  • Build reports on fees issued and payments due
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