Improve communication and follow-up processes with citizens who request information from your agency with Public Records Manager. Make citizens part of the solution with the mobile app that allows them to file requests, quickly and easily. This solution is designed to help city clerks and staff manage citizen records requests, while also increasing the efficiency of the entire agency.


    • A public-facing link and application that allows citizens to easily enter public records requests from your city’s website or other public-facing web locations.
    • A simple, easy-to-use form for citizens to submit clear and simple records requests to the city.
    • Helps Agencies stay in FOIA compliance by creating a system that easily allows staff to deliver information within regulated time lines.
    • Schedule follow-up activities and move documentation between staff and departments to improve work flow.
    • Citizens create their own case numbers to log in to the system and track the status of their request.
    • Automated citizen response templates eliminate staff backlog.
    • Route cases to specific staff members or departments for efficient follow up.
    • Robust reporting allow staff to report, request, response times and results.

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