The permitting and inspections process is important in ensuring that as properties are being built and remodeled, everything is completed to code – safely and effectively. The process is not popular with businesses in communities where it seems more about government red tape than a series of efficient checks and balances. Comcate’s permitting solution addresses these issues.

Comcate built its permitting solution to include user-friendly tools that help streamline and simplify the processes involved in permitting and inspections of construction jobs. These tools assist your inspectors and code enforcement officers in organizing their efforts with tools they can use on mobile devices to maximize effectiveness in the field.


    • Reports can be customized based on permit type
    • Staff members can attach photographs and documentation for cases to keep all relevant information in one place that are required for court
    • GIS integration gives inspectors pin-point accuracy, allowing them to map out their cases for the day and verify owner information
    • Permit fees can be logged easily and tracked when fees are past due
    • Automatically populate permits with case information can be automatically populated with the department’s system and get them printed quickly and easily
    • Access case history and contractor information quickly and easily from the field
    • Instant access can be gained to property history and contractor information, even from the field
    • Inspection checklists are available on-line to keeps inspectors in the know while they’re on site
    • Easily log case details and schedule follow-ups to make sure the process stays on track Details about every case can be easily logged and follow-ups scheduled

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Permitting and Inspection Manager Brochure

Permitting and Inspections Infographic

Processes are streamlined and field inspectors are equipped with mobile technology in the Comcate Permitting and Inspections tool.

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