Licensing and inspections are critical to the safety of your residents, but the processes can be paper- and time-intensive. If your staff is experiencing bottlenecks when it comes to managing a large volume of licensing and inspection applications, it may be time to consider Comcate’s Licensing & Inspection solution.


Animal License Manager
Designed to be user-friendly for both applicants and your staff, the Animal License Manager by Comcate boasts integrated record-keeping and automated updates. Your animal license application process is streamlined and efficient with this solution.


Business License Manager
Through Comcate’s Business License Manager, applicants for a business license can rest assured that all records relating to the application are stored together. Your local residents will appreciate the ease with which they can launch their new business.


Rental Registration Manager
Registering rental properties is cumbersome if the process is done by hand. Comcate offers the Rental Registration Manager, a solution that makes rental registration an efficient, painless process.


• Integrated application process is user-friendly
• Records are stored together, making case management more efficient
• Paper processing is eliminated for cost savings in your agency

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Comcate Code Enforcement Manager

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