One of the best defenses against graffiti vandalism is rapid removal. Using a combination of speedy cleanup techniques and Comcate’s Graffiti Program, Comcate’s clients are able to meet impressive same-day removal goals. For example, one California client has handled over 2,800 graffiti cases over the past 18 months, closing 96% of them on the same day.



      • Comcate’s flexible implementation options allow you to organize your graffiti program around customer requests for service and/or officer-initiated removals.


      • Easy customization options allow you to capture the graffiti characteristics you care about such as square footage, surface type, moniker and removal method.


      • An easy-to-use case management tool allows officers in the field to quickly log and document graffiti properties with GIS-verified location, photographs and notes.


      • The GIS mapping tool allows the field officer to map cases by location for efficient routing during inspection runs.


      • Field officers can use Time Tracker to log the time they spend on graffiti cases for CDBG funding documentation or other forms of reimbursement.


      • With GIS Enterprise, CDBG-eligible graffiti cases are automatically tracked and case data can be rolled up into summary CDBG reports for fast, efficient reimbursement reporting.
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Graffiti Abatement Infographic

Take a look out how Comcate is working to fight graffiti by combining citizen engagement and technology with the Graffiti Abatement solution.

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