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Your Fire & Safety Department is critical to the welfare of your community’s residents. When buildings are constructed, they must meet standards that keep not only the inhabitants of that building safe, but also ensure the safety of the fire department, should a fire occur in the building.

Comcate’s Fire & Safety solution is designed to be user-friendly for your Fire and Safety staff, as well as the residents they serve. The tools designed by Comcate allow for streamlined processing for inspections and an organized system for records. Mobile capabilities let your Fire and Safety personnel remain in the field while reporting and updating cases.


  • Records, including photographs, fees and documentation, are stored together in the system, allowing the storage of all information in one place
  • With GIS integration, inspections and other cases are mapped with pin-point accuracy, encouraging staff to route their days efficiently
  • Customizable reports are printed based on type of permit
  • Permits are automatically populated with case information to make printing quick and easy
  • Automatic updates and reminders promote streamlined case management
  • Mobile technology provides access to case history and other information from the field
  • Mobile access also gives inspectors the ability to open checklists and other pertinent information while out in the field
  • Permit fees are logged easily and tracked when fees are past due
  • Inspection checklists are available online to keeps inspectors in the know while they’re on site
  • Easily log case details and schedule follow-ups to make sure the process stays on track
  • Details about every case are easily logged and follow-ups scheduled
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