Leaders of local agencies and municipalities have a big job running the many programs needed to maintain a safe and desirable community and to embrace the wants and needs of the people who live and do business there. You want to produce the best results possible even with limited staff and resources. With Comcate’s carefully designed technology solutions, you can do just that—run your programs efficiently and cost-effectively and demonstrate your achievements to your constituents.



Comcate collaborated with hundreds of agencies and municipalities and thousands of users across the country and distilled that knowledge into best practices which guide the design of our software and each client’s implementation to best support their programs.

Comcate’s solutions support a variety of programs with specialized workflows, forms and reports based on best practices for each.

Comcate’s software is cloud-based so you don’t need to purchase special equipment, install software or expend IT resources to manage the technology. All you need is Internet access from a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Comcate’s solutions are cost-effective and priced to fit the often limited budgets of local government agencies. We work with you to devise an affordable solution that meets your needs.

Both agency employees and citizens can use Comcate in the office or at home on a PC, laptop or a tablet device. Comcate also offers a companion mobile app to report an issue on the fly, ask a question or obtain information.


Code Enforcement

Weed Abatement, Graffiti Management, Foreclosure Management and Business License Enforcement


Citizen Engagement
Citizen Request Management and Public Records Request Management


Zoning, Permitting & Inspection
Permitting, Building Inspection and Fire Inspection


Licensing & Inspection
Animal Licensing, Business Licensing, Rental Inspection and Licensing


Service Requests
Service Request Management, Streetlight Out Management, Pothole Management and Facilities Repair

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