• Posted On: February 17, 2015

Cities across the nation have dealt with graffiti artists with varying degrees of success for decades. What could be the most efficient way for a city with an active group of taggers to make progress towards cleaning up graffiti is the right code enforcement software.

The city of Chicago has a history of fighting graffiti. In 1992, the city council passed an ordinance that prohibited the sale of spray paint within the city limits. Of course, the ordinance had its share of detractors who said it doesn’t take much for vandals to drive to a suburb and purchase all the paint they need, which has proven to be the case because the law did little to curb vandals from taking to the streets with their cans of paint.

Recently, Mayor Rahm Emanuel introduced a bill to the council that would raise the fine for those who vandalize public or private property with spray paint from $500 to $1,000. Emanuel’s logic is that people will be far less willing to practice their art in such a way when the fine is so steep. The problem is, how many people are actually caught in the act?

A better solution to the problem may be getting residents in on the solution by giving them a faster, more efficient way of reporting graffiti they see. Cities that have gotten their citizens in on the solution are seeing fewer instances of graffiti, some believe because the hard work that goes into spraying a piece is not worth it because it’s almost immediately covered up and nobody will be able to “admire” the work.

Rapid removal has worked in California where one city had 2,800 graffiti cases opened over an 18-month period and almost all were closed the same day the report was made. This is proven to be a huge deterrent for vandals.

This type of initiative takes a software solution that puts the power of mobile technology into work. For instance, if a city or county has a system that automates graffiti reports with GIS information, the code enforcement officers can get out there to the exact location of the graffiti and cover it quickly. This is not only a community betterment solution; it also serves as an excellent example of how government and citizens work together to handle a problem.

The best software allows city workers to use mobile technology in the field to open and close cases, print reports, send reports and schedule follow-up inspections.

Comcate has helped communities tackle their graffiti problems with software that has all the perks a governmental body needs to respond rapidly. Furthermore, Comcate’s public-facing app puts the power in the hands of the community members who are tired of seeing their property defaced. They can file quick and easy reports to the city, complete with GIS information and pictures. For more information about how Comcate can help you knock out your graffiti problems, contact us today.

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