Six Things Every Agency Should Consider When Choosing a

Permitting and Inspections Solution

1. Choose a solution that saves times and allows inspectors to spend more time in the field.

Your Permitting solution should reduce the time your inspectors have to spend in the office so they can conduct more inspections in the field. It should increase staff efficiency by automating routine processes. Comcate’s Permitting and Inspections solution delivers both process automation and time-saving tools, including:

  • Integrated database, which automatically populates HTML permits and notices information pulled from cases
  • Advanced search features that allow quick and easy case research
  • Daily lists of follow-up activities and automated reminders, with information about case location, status, priority and follow-up actions

2. Choose a solution that is easy to use

Code Enforcement solutions should be easy to learn, because you don’t have time for your team to learn a complicated new workflow. Comcate’s solution is incredibly user friendly, and has been optimized based upon feedback from code enforcement teams just like yours.  Comcate has refined the launch procedure to make it completely seamless, and provides both user and administrator training, as well extensive support resources to help with any questions.

“Our inspectors have become more efficient since they now have the ability to access all the project information, and history of the property, in the field from an ipad. All the data entry can also be done by the inspector at time of inspection. Data entry and project research time that needed to be done in the office can now be used for plan reviews or other critical work.”
Larry Kurpakus, Director of Code Administration and Land Development

3. Choose a solution with the reporting sophistication to easily access the information you need to manage your department

One of the key benefits software land management solutions offer is improved tracking and reporting of department activities. Comcate’s Permitting and Inspections module delivers more than 25 reports that allow you to view department activity by employee, permit type, location, case initiation type, and date.  Plus, you can customize the reports with our easy-to-use filters so you can make decisions based on the most valuable information to you and your agency.

  • Track officer productivity
  • Keep track of permitting fees, payment status and payment types for all of your projects
  • Provide performance results to your city council
  • Drill down into inspection types and statuses by officer and location

4. Choose a solution from a company that specializes only in public agencies just like yours.

Your permitting and inspections software provider should specialize exclusively in delivering solutions to cities and districts just your size. This is the only way that a solution provider can truly understand the needs, concerns and processes of your agency. With hundreds of successful implementations and thousands of active users, Comcate is uniquely positioned to provide trusted expertise and best practices recommendations to local governments and other public sector organizations. Comcate is the only solution provider exclusively dedicated to small and mid-sized local governments and public sector organizations. We continue to invest in product improvements based upon client feedback, ensuring that we always deliver the latest and most efficient solution for our clients.

5. Choose a solution that not only helps you implement best-practice workflows, but that is also customizable to support your processes.

Your software should be built upon industry knowledge and best practices, with a workflow that makes your staff more efficient. Comcate helps you optimize and automate your current processes, but is configurable enough to support your agencies foundational workflows. After you partner with Comcate, our dedicated team of implementation consultants will ensure that your system captures your specific inspection checklists, permitting types, permitting fees, reports, and any other custom information you need to track.

“Comcate’s team understands what it takes to make the implementation of a new program a success in a public agency.”
Judy LaPorte, Director of Administrative Services, City of Rocklin, CA

6. Choose a solution from a company committed to your success

Implementing a software solution to manage Permitting and Inspections is a huge accomplishment, and one that will make your staff more efficient, your reporting more accurate, and your service to your citizens more valuable. Your relationship with your software provider, however, is crucial to a successful deployment.  Comcate provides our clients with dedicated support and account management teams to quickly answer your questions, help you through technical issues and ensure the software meets your needs. We are committed to your success for the entire time that you are a Comcate client.

“The customer service has been great.  Whenever we have a question or request, staff is always available to help us through the issue and provide guidance on how to make improvements.”
Mike Yeager, City Engineer, Covington, KY

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