• Posted On: August 26, 2014

Building safety inspections are a serious matter. The work that officers perform while doing their building inspections can help to save lives, including firefighters who often run into buildings that are structurally unsound to fight a blaze. When code enforcement software is entered into the equation, inspectors can stay on top of their work and help identify structures that are unsafe. Firefighters can then be notified when they respond to a fire at a building that has been deemed structurally unsafe for them to enter.

Firefighters respond to any emergency situation. When someone calls 911, firefighters are often the first to arrive, regardless of the nature of the call. They keep us safe, but who keeps the firefighters safe? When communities can better monitor the structural safety of their buildings, firefighters can feel assured that lives aren’t at risk every time they enter a building to fight a fire. However, with the methods most communities use to stay on top of their building inspections, many firefighters may be unsafe in the buildings they enter.

From the perspective of the firefighter, they know their job is one of the most dangerous professions in the U.S. That’s why they undergo such extensive training on a regular basis. Just because they knowingly enter a field that presents many dangers doesn’t mean they should not be kept as safe as possible. This includes the safety inspections by the code enforcement departments that keep tabs on unsafe buildings.

Many municipalities don’t give their code enforcement officers the tools they need to be efficient at their jobs. Cases stack up and buildings go for months and months without being inspected. For firefighters, the result of such a work process can be deadly. With code enforcement software, your code inspectors can more easily track the cases that stack up when manual processes are used to track them.

Your code inspectors need to spend the bulk of their day in the field carrying out their building inspections. They get behind in their jobs when they sit at a desk and fill out reports that should be completed in the field. With code enforcement software, they can digitally enter information from the site, relay that information through the proper channel and send it off to the people who need to see it. With manual processes, this scenario takes days, if not weeks.

The community members also want to know what’s going on with reports they’ve filed on buildings in their neighborhoods. Code enforcement software can be used to communicate the progress of cases from the government entity to the residents.

Comcate’s code enforcement software uses automated case management processes that improve the compliance and increase revenue probabilities for any municipality. Staff efficiency gets a big boost and firefighters, perhaps most importantly, can rest assured that any building that’s been flagged by a citizen as possibly being unsafe has come across the desk of the code enforcement department, and they’ve offered inspection reports that keep everyone informed and safe.

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