The drought hitting the Western part of the United States has resulted in increased need for water conservation and a heavier load on local governments attempting to manage conservation efforts. One community is leveraging the innovation and efficiency of a Comcate solution to not only proactively address water issues, but also to get citizens engaged in the process.


Santa Clara Valley Water District was the first community to implement the Comcate Drought Management tool. The addition of the Citizen Mobile App made it possible for citizens to report water waste issues. The app allowed citizens to file a case, attach pictures, and then receive automatic status updates on the case as it was resolved.


Santa Clara Valley Water District also used the Comcate eFM product for citizen engagement, which allowed for automatic managing of citizen reports, including the routing of each case to the appropriate department. Not only was each case handled by the correct department, but the new system allowed staff to avoid duplication of tracking and response related to a case.


Comcate’s Case Management was configured for a drought to allow field inspectors to manage water waste cases. The ability of field inspectors to work on a mobile device while remaining out in the field has allowed each water case to be responded to within 24 hours.


Through the mobile app, the citizens are able to not only report on water waste, but also request information, water collection buckets and signs. The focus on citizen engagement allows Santa Clara Valley Water District to take a proactive approach to water conservation and helps residents play an important role.


Comcate’s software also allowed for the tracking of activities related to water issues. The district could now issue reports to track water violations, as well as identify any trends in cases or gaps that needed to be addressed.


The implementation of the Comcate Drought Management tool by the Santa Clara Valley Water District is a success story, but the story is about more than simply increasing efficiency and automating processes. The engagement of citizens in water issues allows for proactive handling of each case, as well as improved communication and teamwork between the local agency and residents.









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