• Posted On: January 09, 2015

The overall success of a city is often determined by the state of its neighborhoods. If a city’s streets are cracked and filled with potholes, its homes are condemned and haphazard, and its lawns and common areas are overrun with weeds and trash, that city is more likely to be ridden with heavier crime rates as well as an overall feeling of hopelessness among the community’s inhabitants.

Tackling a giant issue like a city starving for an overhaul of its parameters starts with focusing on one component at a time, starting with small-scale problems that can have a lasting effect, like weed abatement. Getting rid of overgrown weeds outside of a city’s public properties as well as its residential ones can make a big difference when it comes to the overall look and feel of a city’s grounds. Areas like Hillsborough County, in Tampa, Florida, are in dire need of weed abatement, on top of a long list of other safety and cosmetic practices. This region has seen a lot of issues affect its aesthetic presence, from illegal dumping to unsalvageable homes, to overgrown lots and properties.

The Code Enforcement Department in Hillsborough is kick-starting a new campaign to clean up the town, one mess at a time. They are trying their best to respond to issues accordingly, handling the most detrimental ones first and working their way out from there. Once the most dangerous issues have been scouted out, they will be handled accordingly by a number of different government affiliated agencies and programs.

Ultimately, a large-scale effort like this is going to take as many hands as possible in order to help it reach completion. Code enforcement officers are going to begin to work harder to build relationships with the people within the community that they serve so that it can be clear to everyone involved how important it is to report areas in need of weed abatement, potentially abandoned homes, or suspected areas of illegal dumping or buildings on the verge of dilapidation.

Focusing on one issue at a time, like weed abatement, will hopefully lead the town of Hillsborough to a future of clean and beautiful city living in a timely manner. Beyond the aesthetic changes that are coming to Hillsborough are safety changes that will help keep things in check once the initial clean-up process is complete. Surveillance cameras will be installed as an attempt to catch and stop potential illegal dumping practices before they become a bigger problem. Beyond that, residents of Hillsborough will soon have access to a smartphone application that will allow them to snap pictures of violations they see around time and send them directly to city officials for review.

At Comcate we are ready and willing to lend our help and support to struggling communities like Hillsborough. Our technology innovations can help tackle necessary issues around town in a timely and effective manner. We care about the communities we serve and we know that you do too. Check us out for all of your city management and planning needs because when it comes to restoring your community from the ground up, we’ve got you covered.

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