• Posted On: September 09, 2016

Gain More Productivity With Customizable Reporting Tools

Accurate, accessible and customizable reporting tools are important to your department, especially as you compete with other local government services for federal and state resources. If you are not properly documenting your workflow processes, you will be unable to prove their effectiveness. Sometimes, this lack of workflow management is actually the cause of failing to reach goals or to run government effectively.

When flexibility is built into strategies, changes can be made to reach goals in a timelier manner. However, there needs to be a system in place that allows for more insight into current projects and processes to allow for fact-based decisions that puts that flexibility to work. How can your executive team and elected officials make assessments when they aren’t using the right tools to see exactly what’s going on? How can your managers and department heads more effectively manage employees, and how can your staff members be more efficient working through cases? Getting connected with the right reporting software is the key to gaining better vision to make positive change.

When you’re using the right tools, you can offer your executive team the reporting that shows proactive enforcement campaign effectiveness, case response time, and overall response time. These are valuable insights because your executive team is generally looking at overall strategy and making the determination of whether or not resources are allocated correctly. Analytical reporting is therefore an extremely valuable tool for the executive team that doesn’t have the time or inclination for micro-managing management and staff.

Reporting is also important to managers and department heads, and the right reporting system can give them a separate set of data from which to gain insights. For instance, consistent and effective management reports, perhaps on a weekly basis, can provide an overview that leads to better decision-making. Your managers and department heads also need to see case aging and open case report data, audit-tracking reports that are designed to delve into staff activity within a specific application, and case resolution time across a variety of issues. It’s reporting like this that prevents cases from falling through the cracks.

Staff members also need to be informed. The reporting aimed at these workers should include case home pages that display all the relevant information on a particular case. This information should also include follow-ups and open cases – all in one location, making it easy to visualize. Since your staff members are the ones with feet on the ground, they need to see their follow-ups on a map, which the right reporting tools can offer.

Comcate is a company focused on delivering all of the above and more. We’ve also have tools that your citizens can use to report various things around town, from potholes to graffiti and abandoned vehicles to weed abatement issues. Comcate’s solution connects everyone in a seamless manner, from your elected officials to your everyday citizen. Our technology is industry leading yet easy to use. Contact us today and let’s discuss how you can cut through red tape and shore up your effectiveness for your citizens.

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