• Posted On: July 21, 2015

Citizen Mobile Access Offers Efficiency in Government

Citizens are engaged with such regularity today that it only makes sense to give them this engagement capability with government processes. Thanks to mobile devices, from laptops to tablet computers to smart phones, citizens are staying abreast of everything from their favorite entertainers on Twitter to their best friends through text messages to virtual communities on Facebook. Giving them citizen mobile access can now offer residents access to their local government.

Today people want information provided to them at their fingertips, anytime, anywhere. The majority of adults are constantly tuned in through their mobile device. While many associate government with red tape, bureaucratic hoops and a lack of customer service, elected officials and government department heads are now getting into the citizen mobile access game with public-facing apps that are helping to change those negative associations with government.

With these apps, municipalities can upload forms and applications online that can be accessed through a mobile app. Citizens can work with these forms offline and submit them when they’re ready. Furthermore, apps are also giving citizens a say in issues that affect their communities. For instance, a long wooden privacy fence becomes the frequent target for graffiti – with a mobile app connected to the right people in government, citizens can report the graffiti and its location, and city crews can quickly respond to it. This has worked in communities to control graffiti that was nearly unmanageable before.

The benefits of citizen mobile access are many-fold. Most importantly, the community benefits because the problems facing citizens are quickly resolved. The automation in this technology reduces costs related to tasks that often drain a city’s budget. For instance, call centers are no longer backed up with angry citizens waiting for someone to tend to their concern. With citizen mobile access, residents feel like they are part of the solution – because they are.

Mobility has become an extremely valuable tool for consumers and citizens and the companies and governmental bodies with whom they do business. For municipalities, having reports coming in from neighborhoods where there are potholes, weed problems, streetlight outages or graffiti only helps them to address the problems faster and with more accuracy.

Comcate’s Citizen Mobile Access solution gives residents the feeling of engagement that has been lacking for too long, and it relieves pressure off of code enforcement officers who are often overworked and understaffed.

Here’s how Comcate’s solution works:

  1. Citizens download the app
  2. The app is used to report issues
  3. Photographs and GPS information helps to describe the problem and pinpoint it on a map
  4. The issue is automatically routed to the right agency
  5. Citizens get 24/7 updates in real time regarding their report

Comcate’s mission is to speed the delivery of governmental services while also improving customer service. Our solutions have not only improved the way residents feel about their government, it has improved the communities in which they live.

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