• Posted On: December 19, 2016

Customer Service that Satisfies Citizens and Strengthens Communities

Today’s citizens want to be partners in the development of their community, to have their concerns heard and their priorities known. Successful city managers and staff embrace this enthusiasm, channeling citizen energy into well thought out projects that strengthen communities and build positive relationships between citizens and city officials. The high regard of satisfied citizens is a welcome reward for city managers that value positive community relationships.

Providing excellent customer service is a top goal for public agencies. Technology that manages citizen input, ensures citizen concerns are addressed, and communicates with stakeholders on issues of interest are critically important to ensuring a well-managed, thriving community. Comcate was developed in this environment, to ensure that city management and staff is well equipped to provide excellent service to citizens, a foundation built upon Comcate’s own excellent customer service.

City Managers and Department heads came together in support of the founding of Comcate in an effort to continually advance the importance of improving service in agencies and to citizens. Based on the premise that agencies needed tools to help drive continual improvement, Comcate has established a culture of not only listening to, but anticipating our customer’s needs and proactively solving their challenges. We are committed to empowering agencies to improve operational efficiencies and customer service.

For over a decade, hundreds of public agencies have relied on Comcate’s own highly regarded customer service so that they can provide excellent customer service to their citizens. The Manager of Communication Services for the City of Henderson, Nevada’s second largest city, said, “Comcate has been very responsive to our requests. This is probably the largest factor in our satisfaction.”

The City of Henderson has been so satisfied that they use Comcate in most departments and credit it with workflow management that has had transformational effects. Henderson’s Mayor said, “In a typical week, Comcate helps us manage approximately 1500 cases. We use it to track utility demands, facility maintenance, code enforcement, business licensing, building and fire safety, records requests, agenda postings, and mobile app requests. We receive hundreds of FAQ hits a week and utilize the CommunicationLink to send our Public Hearing notices to thousands of constituents.”

Public agencies small and large depend on the savings and efficiencies that Comcate technology provides. They recognize that their success is enhanced by Comcate’s core commitment to customer service. The Code Enforcement Officer for the City of Palos Verdes Estates, California, said “Comcate’s customer service is fantastic, friendly and knowledgeable. Always there to provide support in a timely manner.”

Comcate believes deeply in partnering with our public agency clients, addressing their issues and needs. Excellent customer service is a central component of Comcate’s own identity. The City of Covington, Kentucky’s City Engineer said, “The customer service has been great. Whenever we have a question or request, staff is always available to help us through the issue and provide guidance on how to make improvements.”

Public agency clients continue to have a direct line of input into Comcate product enhancements. The community of Comcate’s public agency customers inspire and energize our commitment to always providing the best support available. Comcate’s commitment to customer service excellence for our public agency clients is one of the many benefits of partnership with Comcate. Check out other testimonials from customers at: http://www.comcate.com/testimonials/

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