• Posted On: October 17, 2014

America is a fairly new country when you consider the histories of other countries that date back thousands of years. However, there are a number of cemeteries that are old enough that no close relatives of those buried there are still around today. These are the cemeteries that fall to neglect and become inaccessible. If you’ve got old, nearly forgotten cemeteries in your area, you could be using public works software to help organize efforts to preserve the memories of those buried there.

An old Jewish cemetery in Queens, New York, has fallen victim to weeds, trash and vagrants who topple headstones. With 35,000 graves in Bayside Cemetery, it was easy to see how even after a $140,000 cleanup project, the help of volunteers is still needed. An estimated 40-50 Jewish cemeteries that are in a state of disrepair currently exist in the state.

The synagogues, associations and burial societies that once kept these cemeteries in good shape are now gone or lacking funds to maintain the cemeteries.

In more rural areas of the U.S. where farm communities sprang up and disappeared, county governments are now trying to preserve these resting places of settlers who first farmed the lands that are far from any established population. Some of these cemeteries are now far from any road and are perhaps only known to the farmers who plow the fields around the nearly forgotten cemetery. However, with a public works software solution, county or city governments can tap into the neglect of these long lost cemeteries and better manage them.

GIS solutions have become excellent tools for municipalities and county governments in mapping specific structures, such as cemeteries. Each individual grave site can be entered into the system for future reference. The solution doesn’t stop at old cemeteries. Any code enforcement case can be mapped and appropriate notes attached to the GIS tags. These mapped cases can be filtered by priority, due date, date created or on any other criteria.

When you get partnered with a vendor offering public works software with GIS integration, you can create visuals, geographical reports of open cases or department activity. You can also verify that the addresses entered into the system are correct.

An added bonus to integrating a public works software solution into your system is that you can automatically assign staff to cases by location or beat, which means you’re streamlining the workflow and making the process more efficient. This almost always saves money and makes the caseload much more manageable.

The benefits that communities that have taken on a public works software solution almost always include a time saving component, better case management with fewer items slipping through the cracks, and better ability in securing government grants, like CDBG funding.

At Comcate, we know the needs of every community are different from the one next to it. We partner with communities just like yours to come up with a public works software solution that fits your needs, whether its maintaining old cemeteries or updating your code enforcement workflow process. Contact us today and find out how our solutions will save you time and money.

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