• Posted On: August 22, 2014

Does your property management personnel use manual processes to map out underground pipes? Do they research records and try to match them to existing maps to see exactly where they can safely dig? This process can take hours, if not days, depending on the scope of the project. However, if you’ve got the right technology in place, you can get to the bottom of any property management issue within minutes.

While some people still prefer the tactile nature of using maps printed on paper, as a government office, you are concerned with efficiency. Permitting software can assist you in cutting down on the number of hours your utility employees and property management teams spend on researching existing infrastructure.

Technology is available today that integrates GIS software to help you pinpoint the location of just about anything in your community, from water lines to abandoned cars. Most of the solutions are cloud-based, which means you don’t have to undergo an extensive hardware upgrade and lengthy implementation plan.

In some cases, municipalities and governmental bodies have undergone GIS integration with their enterprise software, which necessitates hiring consultants to map out the implementation process. When disparate departments have long-standing methods through which they access tax records and assessments, the transition to operating under one method can also be a challenge. However, permitting software should make the process worth the temporary inconvenience.

One Indiana community implemented a permitting software solution to assist its “action center” in quickly pulling up details on addresses that community members call in. These calls were about anything from weed abatement to structural concerns to tax information that is openly available to the public but often hard for them to ascertain. A resident would simply call in, the city worker would type in the address to the system, and all the pertinent information, from what day the trash is picked up by haulers at that location to the congressional district of the home – it all pulls up onto the screen.

Too many governmental agencies like yours are sending their property management personnel into the field without the tools they need to become more proficient at their jobs. This leads to a resident base that feels the government they pay taxes to is not doing a good job for them or the community. Despite all the hard work on the part of your inspectors, managers and other city staffers, it’s never enough.

Once the manual processes are given up in favor of automation, the customer satisfaction rates climb drastically. Workers are not only able to address the concerns of citizens through fast action, the citizens are better informed and feel like their tax dollars are being put to good use.

Comcate is a company that believes government can run more efficiently. To that end, we have worked with many communities to get to the bottom of their issues and build solutions around their needs. Call today and share your concerns with us so you can help your staff work more efficiently.

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