• Posted On: July 07, 2015

How Permitting Software Conveys a Pro-Business Attitude to Potential Job-Creators

As a city manager you know that the key to vibrant community is an economically healthy, pro-business environment. Yet, figuring out how to attract new businesses to your area can sometimes be challenging. Cities like yours, who are desirous of drawing in high-paying jobs and the consequent community benefits are finding that it can be as easy as simplifying the paperwork processes businesses must go through in order to locate in your area. Permitting software can be the welcome mat your city is looking for to make it more inviting to all kinds of businesses and industries.

Finding the Competitive Edge

The reality is, if it comes down to your city and one other, businesses most likely will locate where red tape is least likely to encumber the smooth flow of relocation, building/renovating and hiring. The more efficiently your processes operate, the more appealing you will appear to new businesses. After all, in the world of business, time really is money.

Building a Pro-Business Reputation

Not only will permitting software speed along your own internal processes, but with it businesses can make revisions, add comments and otherwise communicate online without having to meet face-to-face in a government office or deal with an overwhelming number of phone calls. With permitting software, your city will come across as up-to-speed and pro-business; two things which are attractive to those who create jobs.

The more convenient you make it to set up shop in your town, the more successful you will be in growing your business sector. Word will get around that your city is friendly toward businesses large and small and that translates into more jobs.

Green is the Way to Go

Digitalizing your permit processes means you will not be filling out reams of paper to be filed. In a world that values “green”, getting rid of paper-based workflows is a smart move. Green is the way to go from an environmental standpoint as well as from a city marketing perspective.

At Comcate we have spent time sitting behind a desk just like yours. Our company was founded by people with experience making community decisions and managing city demands. We understand the pressures you face only too well. Let us show you how our permitting software can make you more efficient and therefore more competitive when it comes to wooing businesses to your town.

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