• Posted On: June 11, 2020

This year has resulted in a record number of job losses, even in the state and local government sector with 981,000 lost in April and another 487,000 in May. What does this mean for agencies who are tasked with still having to do the same amount of work but with less hands to help? Using technology is one important way to streamline processes and make staff more efficient.  Comcate’s code enforcement technology does this by allowing you to manage your workload remotely as you complete and follow up on actions and inspections from the field.

  • Log into your device from anywhere
  • Auto-populate owner data while in the field instead of having to look it up on a separate 3rd party source
  • Create notices while at the property which includes an easy-to-use mobile printing functionality or even share with office staff to print and mail for you while you remain in the field
  • Collaborate with office staff and colleagues from the field through case notes and follow-up

But it doesn’t stop there. We also have solutions for citizen engagement, animal control, licensing and inspection, and more. Do you need help justifying the cost of the technology?  Check out our ROI calculator for an estimate on how much Comcate software can save your agency.

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