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2017 Connected Citizen Report

Newly commissioned research brought together in the 2017 Connected Citizen Report reveals that local governments have plenty of opportunity to improve their use of digital technologies — including email, social networks, mobile apps and the web — to connect with their residents.

Among the findings:

  • Only 21 percent of people said their governments used digital technology to allow application or submission of a building/home construction permit
  • Less than half of people said that they could use online or mobile tools to report a safety concern (e.g. a downed power line, pothole, etc.)
  • 68% of Americans say that, in general, they have a better overall experience when dealing with private enterprises compared to government agencies


Click here to read the full report. And then drop us a line if you’d like help making change in your community.


New technology implementation supports single sign on

Comcate is currently implementing a single sign on (SSO) option that makes it even easier to access our code management technology. Santa Clara Valley is using SSO to support their customer service staff. Deploying this technology means ease-of-access for staff and administration, resulting in reduced support needs and increased adoption by users. Santa Clara Valley has seen a reduction in support needed by staff and gained efficiencies to complete important tasks. Stay tuned for more use cases.


California agencies getting funds from the State Department of Motor Vehicles


California agencies, including our newest users the City of Vallejo & Humboldt County, have implemented best practices in abandoned vehicle management. But, what are best practices for tracking abandoned vehicles? It is important to focus on the following:

Capturing and tracking vehicle information in one place

Ensure you’re doing everything you can to make your solution match your agency’s workflow and track information specific to Abandoned Vehicle Abatement (AVA) violations.

Improving efficiency with mobile field access

Log information, keep everything in one place and search on a variety of criteria.

Issue and archive notices for all parties on a case

Manage and track notices for reimbursement and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Implement reporting best practices

Utilize reports to capture better data for better decision making.

Currently, 41 of 50 counties in California participate in the program that allows them to capture this important info and assists in streamlining their organizational processes.

  • Additional vehicle tracking allows agencies to track activities related to abandoned vehicles. We welcome our newest user the City of Vallejo.
  • California agencies are able to generate revenue to support AVA funding. Our application allows agencies to capture vehicle info, mobile field access, generate notices and file reports for reimbursements.


Citizen mobile apps helping agencies increase engagement

Our updated app…..Welcome City of Rocklin…

You can improve customer service and efficiency with informed, prompt dialogue between city staff and citizens with the eFeedback Manager. Use online forms, mobile apps and digital surveys to gather feedback from your citizens. Do it easier and faster with our eFM technology.


Download our Overview document, or our eFM Infographic for more information:


           Overview                                                           eFM Infographic



Legislation creates new client requirements

The enactment of HB 422 in Kentucky impacts extensions of lien priority provisions, to new reporting and code enforcement board requirements, to allowance of new nuisance violations.  

These changes bring new opportunities and also new challenges.

“We are excited to expand our partnership with Comcate to include the use of the Public Notification Manager to address the lienholder notification requirements of HB 422.  This enhancement to our existing program with Comcate will enable us to be compliant with the latest code enforcement standards while fighting blight in our community.” Nathan Lamb, Mayfield KY

Whether you are looking to build a Code Enforcement Program from the ground up, or are an established Code Enforcement operation looking to comply with the new requirements in Kentucky, Comcate’s modular solution can quickly be implemented to address your needs.

Learn more.

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