Responding in Times of Need


Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and many other areas of the country and the islands near the shores of the US were deeply affected by powerful hurricanes with unprecedented power, which pummeled these communities in punishing succession. Rising flood waters, downed trees, loss of power and more kept these cities and municipalities from functioning in a business as usual capacity after the storms had passed.


In response to the devastation, communities and local governments rallied together to make sure that people were given temporary shelter – that food was readily available  – and, ultimately, that people were able to return to homes and have assistance with clean up provided to them once there.


In response to these efforts, ICMA President Lee Feldman, the City Manager of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, put it this way when describing the response to hurricane flood waters and storm damage, “Local government had its chance to shine and it did.”


According to the ICMA website, “In Hillsborough County, 28,000 people were in shelters during the event, and they have  begun transitioning most of them back to their homes or other temporary shelters.”


These devastating hurricanes inflicted significant damage in many regions throughout the country during the recent months, and without the help of agencies throughout the region, it could have been much worse.


Thank you to all responders, city workers, volunteers, and others  for all your efforts.


The ICMA has posted a variety of resources to help:


They highlighted the following efforts:


  • Documenting of damage.
  • Segregate work –  which can help with FEMA reimbursement.
  • Donated Resources to help cover the local share portion of FEMA reimbursement.
  • Expedited Debris Removal, which is rewarded with higher share reimbursement by FEMA.


Comcate Wants to Support These Hurricane Recovery Efforts

Comcate has offered no cost support to agencies in affected communities.  We want to help support affected parties.  Those in need and interested in services to help assist in the inspection and documentation and reporting of property damage – citizen engagement assistance,  please email me directly at and Comcate will respond.


We have clients who worked with us to plan ahead for disaster recovery, and they have received support from FEMA; therefore,  they have tools in place to support building inspections and to track whether or not these buildings  are ready for re-entry. This is a critical component to restoring lives to normal after such devastation.


We are committed to maintaining a long-term partnership with public agencies and, during challenging times, are ready to provide our support in the best ways we can. This recent effort to provide our products and services at no cost to ailing communities is just one of those ways.


Thank you to everyone involved for all that you are doing to support the recovery.


Dave Richmond


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