Data Driven Decisions

One of the longstanding guiding philosophies for our company has been to give clients the information they need to make informed, data driven decisions. Consistent with that, we’ve closely collaborated with agencies of all sizes to build a repository of over 70 different management reports. While these reports have provided clients with a trove of actionable information over the years, we recognize that navigating through 70 reports can be challenging. To increase the value of this powerful reporting library, we just completed a critical step toward speed/ease of use: Comcate Dynamic Reports.


Comcate Dynamic Reports include an entirely redesigned user interface and enables new agency analytics & case management capabilities. We are beginning to activate this functionality for clients over the coming months and look forward to the improved and expanded ease of usability and success that will afford everyone.


We will reach out to each client via email and communicate the roll out plan. Feel free to reach out to if you have questions about the report project.


Welcome New Clients


Another key Comcate value is to be a strong & trusted partner for clients over time, and to help all of our clients address their agency-critical needs. This is something we work on with existing clients and something we promise to new and prospective clients. Expanding our client base allows us to increase our investment in serving clients.


We welcome the following new clients:


City of California Borough, PA
City of Boiling Spring Lakes, NC
City of Greensburg, KY
City of Gretna, LA


With each new client, we’re able to expand the base of user knowledge and experience, and in turn to bring more value to our users.


Please forward any references me directly to


We are working on finalizing our 2018 plan to set the stage for a strong year. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please email or call me and we can schedule a time to speak.


Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving,


Dave Richmond

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