ICMA e-Government Survey Highlights


The ICMA regularly posts new content and information to help support local government. Recently, I came across this blog post which highlights four factors influencing local government financial decisions. This caught my attention because a former mentor used to coach me on anticipating business strategy by looking at politics, economics, technology, and demographics and called this “reading the world.” He emphasized how this assessment was critical to determining strategy and deciding where the market was going.

The ICMA post focused on the following factors:

  • Economic
  • Political
  • Social
  • Legal


To read the full post, please click here: https://icma.org/blog-posts/4-factors-influencing-local-government-financial-decisions

As many of you head toward finalizing your financial budgets we felt this ICMA framework may help you evaluate your priorities for allocating your valuable resources.


Also this month we want to welcome the following new clients:

Mt. Washington, KY
Rushville, IN
Town of North Beach, MD


Thanks for your support,

Dave Richmond

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