Sharing the Knowledge with Clients: Community Block Grants

One of our values at Comcate is to be experts in programs we help support client agencies. Many of our clients use our software to support their getting reimbursement from HUD for code enforcement activities. Over the past month we completed a deep dive into CDBG funding by HUD. The goal was to review how we were supporting clients today and how we could improve our tools to better support them. The deep dive included researching online, speaking to HUD representatives, interviewing consultants who support agencies and discussing CDBG programs with staff, and finally reviewing data. We found the following online info:


Wikipedia provides a good overview of the program here:


Our online research led us to o Notice CPD 14 016 Use of CDBG Funds for Code Enforcement Activities published by HUD, which provides guidance on using funds for code enforcement. If you’d like a copy, please email Dave or Ed at Comcate (dave@comcate, or, and we’d be happy to send you a copy of the notice.


Our research also highlighted and confirmed that tracking the property type, low mod percentage and violation type is part of the assessment used by HUD to determine eligibility for funding activities.


In our interviews we learned that agencies actively work with HUD to determine target areas and then apply criteria to determine eligibility of specific code efforts. Clients benefit from tools to track eligible cases and apply costs to abate.


We are taking this learning and designing enhancements to our product to help agencies more effectively and efficiently track cases eligible for reimbursement.


We have additional details that we can provide. Feel free to reach out if you are interested.


Animal Control Webinar – Ft. Pierce

We want to thank Peggy in Ft. Pierce and all the attendees for joining our webinar on animal control. If you would like to review the webinar, you can view it on demand anytime.


New Clients

We welcome these new clients to the Comcate family:


City of Gretna, LA
City of Pittsburg
City of Princeton


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