Riding the Third Wave – Connecting Across Applications and Organizations


“The third wave is the concept of the ‘Internet of Everything,’ where every part of our lives will rely on an internet connection. [This] new wave [will be] defined not by hardware or software but by partnerships—especially between business and government.”

Steve Case, former CEO of AOL, describing the next wave of the Internet


At Comcate, we receive many inquiries from departments like yours on how to connect your departmental apps to share information across departments – and in some cases how to do so with outside vendors.  One recent example: a client in Nevada requested our support to integrate their systems with an on-line payments app so that citizens can pay their code enforcement fees over the Internet. In another Nevada case, contracts are being signed digitally and saved on-line automatically.


We believe that these early efforts are just scratching the surface and are looking forward to continuing to help agencies improve their effectiveness using technology.


Recent activity at the ICMA demonstrates their commitment to support these initiatives as well. Just one example is the recent hiring of Xavier Hughes to the newly-created CTIO role:


In creating the CTIO role, ICMA plans to expand its capabilities as an organization inside and out, bringing a forward-oriented approach to smart cities and modern e-government, as well as the latest technological developments in member services and operations.




Comcate is dedicated to being another strong partner to agencies and the ICMA in supporting the implementation and adoption of modern technology.



This month we also recognize the following new clients:


Chesapeake, MD  – CEM

Humboldt County, CA – AVA

Mayfield, KY – GIS



Thanks for your support,

Dave Richmond

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