Last month we noted the significance of the ICMA’s creation of a Chief Technology and Innovation Officer (CTIO), and their increased commitment to technology and smart cities.


This month I wanted to feature a quick snapshot of an interview with their new CTIO, Xavier Hughes. On the key question: Why is innovation so important in local government today? Here’s what Hughes had to say:


XH: Innovation is critical in all levels and areas of government. It fuels creativity, progress, and enhances our value proposition to constituents, private sector, nonprofits, academia, and many others. Civic innovation’s impact is broad and invaluable. Just take a look at what is happening in the mobility space: e-scooters, dock-less bikes, ride-sharing; thousands of part- and full-time jobs have been generated due to technological and urban innovation. That represents hundreds of millions of dollars onto our economy and labor force.

For the full interview click here:


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Westwego, LA

City of Perris, AVA

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